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My sculptures stem from a quest for beauty, harmony and expression of an inner emotional world. Although the bronze sculptures are made of a very heavy material, their dancing musical line tells us something about lightness and the disappearance of gravity. They offer the spectator a moment of reflection and poetical beauty.

The bronze sculptures are most often cast to a model originally formed in clay. The love for clay, an earthly primordial material, stems from my youth when I sculpted my first statuettes. Clay is used since time immemorial by sculptors and ceramists alike to realize three-dimensional works of art. This medium gives the artist an enormous freedom of action. It appeals to the sensuality of the artist, thus resulting in a sculpture appealing to the sensuality of the spectator too.

Bronze is a durable material with an evocative expression of its own, which varies according to the way the bronze is finished off; the surface may be polished smoothly or left coarse, show the original bronze color or that of a specific patina. Ceramics have an expressiveness which is very different from bronze objects. The surface of fired clay, colored engobes and glazes give ceramic objects a specific character of their own.

My sources of inspiration can be visual or emotional images stemming from my inner world or touching visual impressions from the outer world. During the sculpting process I search for beauty and harmony, which usually are hard to find in the chaos and hectics of daily life. It may take long before I finish this quest. With the sculpture which has thus come into existence, I wish to offer the spectator a moment of reflection, beauty and peace.

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